Web Design I

Final Project

For your final project, you will create the website you designed for your midterm, using HTML and CSS (and Bootstrap if you wish). You have the option to also use Javascript.

For Week 14 of this course, you will provide a presentation of this website.

When presenting your final project, be ready to speak to the technical challenges that you had and the technical successes. In addition, speak to how your designs were adapted when faced with the challenges inherent with the medium of HTML and CSS, and identify the areas of graphic design that you think about differently with a deeper understanding of the medium.

Please note, if you are not present to participate in Final Presentations you automatically lose 8 points on your assignment. Participating in formal critique both as a recipient and as someone providing feedback to your peers is expected.

If our artists are not versed in technology, who will imagine what we can become, who will ask what we should not be?