Web Design I


In the previous units you have been working on the various elements of your website's design. For your mid term project, you need to bring it all together, with final "pixel-perfect" wireframes and a formal, professionally presented styleguide, inspired by the guides that we looked in Unit 5.

You will present this work to your fellow classmates, speaking to the design choices you made, and how it meets your site's "brand" and purpose.

This presentation needs to include:

  • Description of your website
  • Market research
  • the "brand" and purpose of your site
  • Sitemap, Sketches and Wireframes
  • Logo Design
  • Color Pallete
  • Asset Rules
  • Final Homepage Designs
  • Final Secondary Page
  • Final Tertiary Designs

In addition to presenting your work in class, you to post this assignment in a blog post and put the link to that post in Blackboard (not to your entire blog).

You will be measured on your ability to synthesize the Define, Discover, Design concepts into an aesthetically pleasing wireframes, and a styleguide that reflects your decisions.

Please note, if you are not present to participate in Midterm Presentations you automatically lose 8 points on your assignment. Participating in formal critique both as a recipient and as someone providing feedback to your peers is expected.

Critque Elements

Example style guides

If our artists are not versed in technology, who will imagine what we can become, who will ask what we should not be?