Web Design I

Unit 1: Introduction

This first class lecture will cover Professor Barbra Master’s experience designing and programming interactive websites and apps. Barbra has worked as a technical programmer, product owner and and human rights technoglist for the more than a decade and received her Master’s Degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University (NYU).

We will then cover the course syllabus, review the requirements for the entire semester,discuss the design as it applies to the Web and the importance of the four Ds: Discover, Define, Design and Develop.


Suggested Reading

  • Introduction in "HTML and CSS"


Home Work

  • Setup a blog
  • Create Figma account
  • Order the textbook
  • Find 3 websites you like, and write short description of elements within the site that you like

If our artists are not versed in technology, who will imagine what we can become, who will ask what we should not be?