Web Design II

Lecture 1: Getting Started

In this class, we will go over what to expect for the rest of the semester. We will review some of the basics the Internet and world wide web, HTML, and CSS, amd where Javascript fits into the web experiences we are familiar with today. We will write our first Javascript "script" using some of the basics of Javascript. We will also talk about the Four D’s; Discover, Define, Design and Develop, and this week's assignment.


Suggested Reading

  • Introduction in "HTML and CSS"
  • Introduction in "Javascript and JQuery"
  • Begin Chapter 1 in "Javascript and JQuery" to be ahead for Week 2 lecture


Additional Resources

Home Work

  • Install an web editor (see options above)
  • Create a github account
  • Install Github Desktop app to your laptop
  • Prepare to complete online quiz via Blackboard

If our artists are not versed in technology, who will imagine what we can become, who will ask what we should not be?