Web Design II

Lecture 12: Presentation and In-Class Work

At the start of the class, students will be presenting their concepts for the final project, with time for quick feedback. The remainder of the class will be dedicated to work on the final projects.

Final Project

The final project will be a web application that is a fully developed concept. This application needs to solve a fully distinguished problem; support a situation or activity; or create an aesthetic experience that has a fully realized ambiance, and which the user experience is alignment and enhances the poetic intent. It needs to be fully interactive, and incorporate some form of AJAX-driven data use.

The project needs to be sufficiently complex to demonstrate technical mastery, and needs to be sufficiently complex to demonstrate aesthetic mastery in relation to the technical, using the technical concepts covered to date in this class. It should also have clear design and use documentation, and if writing your own JSON, it should have clear “API” documentation.

Finally, this should be a portfolio worthy example of your abilities with javascript.

If continuing an existing project that’s started, it must have substantial growth into new areas worth exploring and it must not be a copy of an existing concept; it must be creatively extent beyond anything existing in some form.

You will be graded in the following ways:

Area Description Weight
Concept Your project should have a fully developed concept, visually and conceptually. The user interactions selected are appropriate to the concept. Projects that demonstrate visual and conceptual excellence, and which have interactions that enhance and further the concept will achieve higher scores. 40%
Technical Approach Your project should apply a technical approach that is appropriate to meet the requirements of your concept, and should appropriately use the Javascript concepts covered to date in class. You must incorporate JSON/Ajax-data driven aspects into your project. You should be able to walk through and talk about various functions within your code and its intended actions. Projects exceeding this expectation will achieve higher scores. 45%
Technical Skills To meet the expected competence, your project should have clean CSS, and HTML, it should not be buggy, and you should have appropriately formatted and used JSON. Projects exceeding this expectation will achieve higher scores. 15%

If our artists are not versed in technology, who will imagine what we can become, who will ask what we should not be?