Web Design II

Lecture 8: Jquery

There are a number of JavaScript libraries and frameworks out there that make it much easier for you to program using JavaScript. jQuery is by far the most popular one. Essentially, jQuery is just pre-written functions, objects and other helpful JavaScript code that we can just reference rather than writing everything from scratch. Today we will be going over the basics of jQuery and jQuery UI..

Practice Assignment

For this week you will begin work on our next skills assignment. This assignment it to build a web page that responses to the following Client Use Case. Note: This skills assignment is due two weeks from today (lecture 10).

For this class, begin to build out the interactive UI elements for this page. Use dummy text for now, as placeholders for the "event information." You need to have some form of jQuery or jQuery UI element demonstrating how you plan to hide/show content for this customer to meet the Client Use Case. Hint: make the technical aspects work first, and then work on making the site more attractive.

Next week we will look at something called JSON, and you will use JSON to fill the document.


Here is the link to this week's lecture

The code for this week's lecture is in Github. A similar commented example is also provide here:

Suggested Reading

  • Chapter 7 in "Javascript and JQuery"

Here are some various resources to get started:

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